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Do I Need Body Armor?

Do I Need Body Armor?

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Until recently, body armor was primarily used by the military and law enforcement. Now that light, flexible body armor is available at reasonable prices, people are wondering if they might benefit from its protection for home defense, professional work or recreational activities. Interest is spiking right now as gun ownership has sharply gone up this year due to racial unrest and concerns about the economic impact of Covid 19. Before you spend your hard earned money to protect your home, to feel safer on the job or for protection while hunting, it’s important to consider whether body armor is suitable for how you plan to use it. If you decide that you would like to purchase a vest, it’s important to buy it from a reputable dealer that can help you choose the right body armor. Contact today to speak to a specialist about getting the right product for your needs.

Would Body Armor Make You Feel Safer Doing Your Job?

Military personnel and law enforcement officers are required to be in peak physical condition and undertake a substantial amount of physical training while wearing their armor. Security guards can benefit from wearing armor, but only if it’s light and flexible enough to not slow them down. It’s important to be aware that armor doesn’t just protect wearers from ballistic threats, it also offers protection from knives and abrasions, making it useful as protection against car accidents. That’s why bank workers, taxi drivers, teachers, convenience store cashiers and other workers that are concerned about violence or accidents while doing their jobs are increasingly considering wearing body armor to help them feel more relaxed and confident doing their jobs. A reputable body armor dealer can help you choose the right vest for your needs and your budget. 

Body Armor For Recreational Activities

If you’re an avid hunter or target shooter, it’s probably worth it to invest in high quality protection that provides protection against accidents. That said, it’s important to understand that engaging in physical activities with the wrong armor can do more harm that good. The biggest drawback to body armor is the heat and weight, which can be especially debilitating in tropical climates. Improperly fitted body armor can impede breathing under exertion and can alter your shooting stance. Technological advances now make it possible to buy body armor that is breathable, light and fits well, but it’s important to buy it from a reputable dealer that can properly advise you about what’s suitable for your activity, climate and physical condition. Contact today to speak to a specialist about getting the right product for your needs.

Body Armor For Home Defense 

One of the greatest tragedies is when a homeowner has his own weapon used against him or is killed by gunfire from the intruder. That’s why families in rural areas where police cannot get to them quickly should seriously consider body armor as part of their plan to defend against a home invasion. You don’t have to be a survivalist to be concerned about defending your family after a natural disaster or civil unrest, and body armor can make a big difference in your ability to keep them safe. For home defense, it’s important to choose armor that you can put on quickly and that won’t slow you down.

How To Find The Right Body Armor For Your Needs

If you’re wearing body armor under your clothing for long periods of time, it’s especially important to choose a high quality product that is light, flexible and does not retain too much heat. It’s becoming more common for teachers to wear bulletproof vests and parents are increasingly sending students to school with vests or bulletproof backpacks. Contact to explore all the options available to keep you safe.

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