About Us

Times are changing.  In addition to unrest among world powers, there’s now civil unrest not only abroad, but right here in the USA.  Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, first responders are stretched to their limits, so many are starting to look for ways to help protect loved ones. For some citizens that has meant purchasing their first firearm and learning to use it.  For others, it’s just trying to increase a loved one’s odds of surviving an active shooter situation.  Armor is one such solution.

At THE ARMOR SHOP, we supply protective gear for students, families, local shop owners, business men and women as well as for those in firearm sales and the security profession, and all Law Enforcement Agencies. Email for LEO Pricing.  Our regional distribution centers, are knowledgeable and can not only answer questions about body armor, but can help you find the best solution for your intended use. What’s more their proximity helps THE ARMOR SHOP get product to you faster.

We, at the Armor Shop®, are regular people -- your neighbors -- just trying to make a difference by helping those in the community concerned about personal and family safety….at work, at school and at home.