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ShotStop Saves Support Program

We Protect the Protectors

ShotStop Saves Support Program


Replacement Guarantee

Shot Stop® works to shape and improve the body armor industry. Our products and their designs have been engineered to maximize safety and protection. So for police officers putting their lives on the line, we want you to know, we’re willing to stand with you with our unique to the industry SHOT STOP SAVES program.

The SHOT STOP SAVES program offers a replacement guarantee demonstrating our organization’s commitment to police officers by providing an immediate no charge replacement of personal body armor.

Replacements are limited to personal body armor products we sell, damaged by stopping ammunition fire in the performance of active duty. However, SHOT STOP SAVES also provides a $500 contribution to the officer’s family to help cover expenses that may be incurred due to any shooting incident.

If a plate takes a hit, just mail it to SHOT STOP with a letter from an agency official or with a copy of an official signed incident report, and we’ll overnight new armor. That way, the officer won’t go a day without being protected on the job. We’ll also issue him/her a check within the next (10?) days for $500 to cover any unforeseen family expenses.